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Effective Methods of Writing a Brilliant Essay Even If You Never Wrote Before

Essay writing can be really challenging, especially if you are new to this. Whether the essay you are working on is for your class, an application, or a scholarship, it is not at all strange that you feel overwhelmed. Unlike what many people think, many essay topics are complex to handle, and come with requirements that are impossible to follow.

However, several things can help break down an essay task into parts that are more manageable. Here are some ideas:

1. Pick an Essay Topic

If you are not assigned a topic, your first task is to choose the best one for your essay. Instead of looking at this as a burden, start seeing it as an opportunity to write about something you find interesting and important. After all, isn't it better to spend time researching about something you love, than spend hours working on a boring topic you have no interest in?

This is an advantage, but it also comes with certain responsibilities. The topic represents the basics of your essay, so you must pick right. To do this, follow these steps:

Pick a topic related to the subject

Look for a researchable topic

Define the purpose of your essay

2. Make an Outline

Before you start writing, organize your thoughts. Take your ideas and turn them into an outline or a diagram you will later use to write a great essay. Once you have this outline, you will find that jotting down your ideas is much easier.

3. Write the Introduction

An introduction serves to attract the reader's attention and introduce them to the topic you are about to discuss. To achieve this, always aim to begin with an attention grabber. Use an interesting story, shocking information, a quote, or even humor where applicable.

Whichever angle you will choose to introduce your topic will be based on the topic choice and your own preference.

4. Write the Body Paragraphs

The body of the essay is the part that explains, argues and describes. This is the part where you use the sources you find and present your ideas. When working on the body paragraphs, use your outline.

5. Write a Conclusion

Your conclusion should bring some closure and sum up the ideas presented in the remaining of the essay. Use three to five strong sentences to end your essay, while providing reinforcement for your thesis statement.

Once you finish with these 5 steps, you already have the first real draft for your essay. All that is left now is to do the finishing touches, fix the mistakes and errors you have done while writing, and simply polish the small details.

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